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Thanksgiving photosession Bard news
• 3/21: No Way!
Events and Pictures
• 10/25 Paul's BDay
• 06/16 Arina's BDay
Going places
• 8/17-9/3: East Coast

Photography and Art
Gypsy girl by Anna Vasilevskaya (Stovall) Photo Works
• State of Maine
• Seattle area
• Gypsy girl
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Bards and other Music
Concert of Anna and Luba at SoundBridge in Benaroya Hall Bard news
• 2/1: Gypsy Show
• 3/21: Kids Musical
Bard Songs (MP3)
• Anna Stovall
• Renata Olevskaya
Bard festivals
• 6/27-6/29: Blinoterapia

Arts for Hearts, Inc.
Arts for Hearts
• 2/2009: Desert Monsoon
• 3/2009: Kids Musical
Anna, Dmitry and Paul Vasilevsky. Photograph by Amie

Vasilevsky Family
Phone: +1(425)394-1102.
We met in the woods of California at a bard festival, and got married on October 26, 2003, so congratulations to us! Now we live in the woods of City of Sammamish, WA.
[Wedding of Dmitry and Anna]
[Vasilevsky's house - address and directions]
[Vasilevsky's CD collection]
[City of Sammamish, WA*]

Dmitry Vasilevsky - master of the house
Email:, Phone: +1(425)269-8170
Dmitry was born in St.-Petersburg, Russia. He studied 22 years of his life! Beginning his education at school 397, and the famous School #239, he later graduates with honors from St.-Petersburg State University and earns Ph.D. degree in computer science from Florida International University. Dmitry is a programmer at heart, an excellent photographer. The sound recording is his passion.
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[School 397 alumni]
[City of St.-Petersburg, Russia*]
[School 239*]
[St.-Petersburg State University*]
[Florida International University*]

Anna Vasilevskaya (Stovall) - lady of the house
Anna was born in a city of Novosibirsk, Russia, she studied in the famous English school #10, and than moved to Moscow where she graduated from the English school #62. She continued her education in GITIS (Russian Academy of Theater Arts) at the faculty of Actor of Music Theater. Anna currently performs at various venues, makes her own costumes, works full time, and together with Dmitry raises her son Paul.
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[City of Novosibirsk, Russia*]
[GITIS (Russian Academy of Theater Arts)*]

Paul Stovall - joy of the house
Paul was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and currently studies in Discovery Elementary School. He is very proud he can speak English and Russian. On different days he wants to become when he grows up: a magician, a railroad engineer, a Tae Kwon Do champion, a dancing champion, sea captain, or a scientist.
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[Salt Lake City, Utah*]
[Discovery Elementary School*]

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