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Fat sportsmen have gathered
Recordings, opinions, and other information about Spring 2002 California Festival of Russian Bard Songs - "Fat sportsmen have gathered" (Собрались совсем не худые спортсмены). The festival took place in Vail Lake Village & Resort on April 26-28, 2002.

Stars of the festival - Anna Stovall

Anna Stovall Anna Stovall immediately charmed audience (myself included) with her nice personality. Without tons of useless excuses for not having her guitar or something else she just put wonderful performance and effortlessly showed us her outstanding work. Indeed, songs that she compose or translate come beautifully finished, and so natural as if no effort was spent on the composition. Her translations deserve to be mentioned separately. It is not often that I see translations that are so beautiful and preserve original form so well. In addition they are translations between cultures, not just languages. Anna performs in six languages and writes lyrics in two. So give it up for a beautiful lady Anna Stovall!

Open Microphone concert

•. Владимир Горбань - Я не верю твоим словам (Унесла эта гулкая осень...)
•. Владимир Розенбаум - Постэпохальный марш (идём в атаку на всех фронтах...)
•. Сергей Зражевский - Рыжый дождик валит с небосвода...

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